TODAY’S COFFEES available in San Diego on APRIL FOOL’s DAY, 2024:

STARBUCKS: Distilled Tar Blend; with olive oil. decaf likely.

COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF: nondescript coffee beans stolen from Starbucks’ trucks; tea leaves. Bitter baby, bitter.

McDONALD’s: Filet o’Bean; McBrew; McGag; Hot Styrofoam decaf, perhaps drinkable.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS: Apres le Dunk; Taste Bud Eraser; Acid Brew; Bowel Cleaner and Bowel Cleaner decaf with nuts.

DENNY’S: Simply Sarin, Crunchy Cold Brew; Straight outa the outfall pipe organic single origin; WTF’s this decaf. Free with purchase.

WENDY’S: Steel Belted Swill; Brown Water Brew; Six Hour over boiled decaf; Shellac.

See fresh roasted local coffees tomorrow here, as usual.


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