TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 3/29/24:

WEST BEAN: Colombia Supremo Popayan; Booster Seat half caff and the rest distaff dark roast. Said to be an afternoon coffee by someone unfamiliar with the concept. New.

ZUMBAR: Ethiopia Natural Jemjemo Wolde Hirbe organic, light roast, 74112 and 74110 cultivars. They recommend it for espresso; we think it’s better on a V60, Hario or phin. Undecided on Aeropress as usual.

ELIXIR: Screaming Goat espresso.

STEADY STATE: Colombia Magdalena; Brazil & Colombia Baker’s Blend natural and washed process respectively; crafted to pair exquisitely with pastry.

MAKE GOOD COFFEE: Sumatra Mandehling.

WIPEOUT: Espresso dark roast; Nicaragua light roast; decaff dark roast.


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