TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 3/28/24:

Industry experts recently claim US specialty coffee sales have risen 20% over last year and similar growth is expected to continue through the decade, with American consumption leading the consumption of spec Arabicas. Current trade values of some $152BN define the overall spec coffee market.

Local roaster and brewer Stone Brewing offers some very imaginative and convenient ways to enjoy coffee in office, travel settings. Folding paper drip-kit filter cups make decent brewing of pre-grounds far more attractive than k-cups and are competitive in price, time and efficiency measures. Check

JAMES: Ethiopia, Mad Ball blend; Art House; Costa Rica Terrazu; Guatemala Huehuetenango.

BIRD ROCK: F*ck Cancer Blend; Earth Blend; Monkey Bite.

INFLECTON POINT: Vietnam Lotus; Honduras.

HOUSE OF BLACK: Honduras microlot; Ethiopia Yrghacheffe; Mexico Chiapas.

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