TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 11/10/23:

BIRD ROCK: Brazil Terra Alta Peaberry, natural process, light roast.  WHAT IS A PEABERRY, YOU ASK? Well of course you asked; you’re curious, so here it is:  5-10% of the production of a coffee crop are “peaberries” that occur when just one of the ovules is pollinated, developing a single round coffee seed. These are sorted and separated during the post-harvest in a sieve. Peaberries are uniform in size and density, allowing for a consistent application of heat during the roasting process that translates into a flavorful and desirable cup profile.

VIGILANTE: Bolivia Sol de la Manana, Caturra, Java, SL-34, Bourbon varietals, washed anaerobic method, Peaberry, light roast.

CHINGATE UN CAFE: Mexico Oaxaca No Manches blend, Bourbon, Typica and Novo varietals.

ACENTO: Ethiopia Aba Nura natural process; Mexico Alma Oscura; Mexico Veracruz Pacho Viejo. All light roasts.


And at Tunaville Market & Grocery today: Fresh yellow tail tuna, Opah, Luvar and Swordfish.



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