TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 11/13/23:

BETTER BUZZ: Rwanda; Honduras Cerro Azul. Buzz says its in Target now.

GOT HEMPSA: Colombian CBD infused house dark blend, french press brew recommended; Colombian CBD infused medium roast, filter cup preferred.

MODERN TIMES: Barrel aged Papua New Guinea medium roast, stored in bourbon barrels; Guardian Spirit espresso blend of Ethiopia and Brazil, medium roast, as per their usual form; El Salvador El Cascajal light roast single origin.

MOSTRA: Panama Bambito Estate Geisha varietal, anaerobic natural process, microlot. Extremely expensive: $45 per 4 ounces, but claimed by Mostra and others to be something out of the ordinary. It better be. Light roast.

APERTURE: Christmas Blend composed from Brazil, Peru and India (an interesting combination if we say so ourselves) dark roast.



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