TODAY’s COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 9/26/23:

HEAVE HO COFFEE CO.: El Salvador Black Flag dark roast.

CHINGATE UN CAFE: No Manches blend; El Buenazo. Mention this name to your Spanish speaking friends and note their reaction….

COZY CANINE: Colombia Huila Sidekick single origin, washed process. Portion of profits go to the dogs at Cozy Canine; if mutts are your thing, this coffee may be for you.

ACENTO: Mexico Puebla Alma Oscura (Dark Soul) full city roast. It’s as dark as they go there; a too little known gem among the roasters in the Morena district.

STEEL FLOWER: Guatemala Monja certified organic. Coffee with a punk rock spirit and feminine twist, so they say, and the beans seem to be the height of good taste selection.

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