COFFEES AVAILABLE NOW: Look for these from your favorite roaster:

Coffees that can stand alone, blended, and do well at a range of roast levels:
KENYA NKG Bloom Nguvu AA: widely available now; get it where you can find it.
Mexico NKG Bloom El Buho: best at Full City roast, as are many Mexican coffees.
Mexico NKG Bloom Jaguar Siltepec: steel pour through filters bring out its flavors best.
Mexico NKG Bloom Los Altos: Pour through filters, Full City roast recommended.
Mexico NKG Bloom Zongolica SHG EP: inherently sweet. Sensitive to water temp.
Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE Organic: Zingy; sharp and wine-like.
Ethiopia Misty Valley: tastes like blueberries. This coffee is ruined when light roasted.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Misty Valley G1 Natural: more blueberries. Wonder what’s in the soil?
Kenya Baragwi Kariru: Had some at Diedrich’s. Going back for more, soon, and often.
Kenya Kabare Konyu: Kenyas’ highly regarded. There’s good reason for that. This is one.
Kenya Ndogo: See above. Full City and darker, please.
Kenya Nguvu: this is easy to find. Best dark roasted; sensitive to water/temp ratios.
Kenya NKG Bloom Nguvu: Full City roast. Water/temp exactness brings out the bloom.
Kenya Rungeto Kii: Rather sweet, but then again, we roasted it properly. Full City rules here.
Kenya Thiririka Githembe: Hard to find. Harder to fine roasted correctly. Worth the effort.

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