TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 5/20/24:

SEVEN SEAS: Vietnam Dak Lak–this is a Full City roast Robusta bean with a high level of caffein per bean; Seven Seas claims its up to twice the levels of most Arabicas; not unusual since Robustas tend to higher levels, but this one is notable for Kick. It is also said to have a smoother flavor than the usual Robusta, which means even Americans can drink it without needless undue drama, whining and the chronic bitching they’re unfortunately known for. Anerobic process, direct trade, robusta TR varietal. Stop whining and drink some; channel your inner Italian! ALSO: Colombia Foggy Tabi, natural anerobic 86 hour fermentation process, Tabi varietal, Full City medium roast. Tabi is cross between Typica, Bourbon, and Timor Hybrid, introduced to Colombian farmers in 2002. This variety has leaf rust-resistant while maintaining the high cup quality. It’s gaining popularity among farmers. What is important to know about these coffees is that they and similar varietals are the future of coffees as dictated by climate change. Distinctive tastes in each; time to get used to them.

XULA MEXICAN COFFEE: Mexico Veracruz, medium and dark roast today; also their Cafe Olla blend of medium and cinnamon coffee, in liter bottles. They deliver in SD County.

BIRD ROCK: Colombia Cerro Azul Gesha; hybrid varietal Gesha; light roast, washed process. “Limited roast coffee” means “roasted light” as Birdy’s always does. They say it will be going out the door in a week; we know better. They have it today at the roastery on Morena Boulevard.




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