TODAY’S COFFEES: roasted in San Diego on 5/25/21:

LONE COFFEE ROASTERS:  Peru Single Origin, light roast, washed process, San Martin region. Roast date: May 24th. $18 per lb & $14 for 12oz.    Colombia SO dark roast, washed process, Hulia region. Roast date: May 24. $18 per lb & $14 for 12oz.    Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, SO, light roast, washed process. Roasted May24th. $18 per lb. & $14 for 12oz./    Honduras SO medium roast, washed process, La Naranja, Los Amigos, David Lopez Experimental Coffee. Roast date: May 24th. $22 per lb & $17 for 12oz.    Honduras SO, medium roast, washed process, Marcala. La Paz region. Roast date: May 24th; $18 per lb & $14 for 12oz.    A NEW COFFEE: Mexico FEDESI.  SO, ORGANIC (!) medium roast, washed process, sun dried, Sierra, Soconusco, Chiapas region. Roast date: May24th.  $18 per lb & $14 for 12oz. / / / 119 E. Grand Ave. Escondido, CA 92025  (760) 738-8662/ instgram: @kettlecoffeeandtea @lonecoffeeco

LA COSTA COFFEE ROASTING: Espresso, New Guinea, Guatemalan, Sumatra, Ethiopian, Mexican and french roast.

ACHILLES COFFEE ROASTERS: Ethiopian Yrghacheffe SO “Windansea”, $19.25;  Mexico Chiapas SO “Torrey Pines” at $18; Kenya AA SO “Todos Santos” at $19; Costa Rica SO “Swami’s” at $18.25; Papua New Guinea SO, “Sunset Cliffs” at $18.50; Colombian SO dark at $18; Tanzania “Golden Hill” at $18.50; El Salvador SO at $18.25; Nicaragua SO at $18.75 and Eduin Colombian microlot at $21; all prices per 12 oz. bag. Single Origin coffees.


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