COFFEES ASHORE at Long Beach or Oakland—look for these at your preferred roaster’s, very soon.

Colombia Medellin: Milk chocolate, walnut; bright, citric acidity, balanced, medium body.

Colombia Tolima Organic: From the ASOBRIS cooperative, representing 40+ producers in Tolima. Creamy, cherry cola, vanilla, lemon; nice sweetness and body.

Costa Rica Romelia SHB EP: (strictly high grown, european preparation) Beneficio Palmichal curates this blend from the cloudy Palmichal rainforest. Chocolatey, fruity, high sweetness, smooth body.

Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE Organic: (certified organic) This co-op represents 1,000+ producers and has been Organic since 2014. Milk chocolate, citrus fruit; bright acidity, balanced, creamy body.

Guatemala La Voz Atitlan Organic: From 161 producers in the highlands overlooking Lake Atitlan. Milk chocolate, citrus fruit, caramel; bright acidity, creamy body.

Indonesia Java Blawan Estate: From one of four large estates on the Ijen Plateau, nourished by volcanic soil. Chocolate, herbal, grapes, sweet tobacco; citric acidity, smooth body.

Mexico Chiapas Turquesa HG EP: From the San Cristobal de las Casas and Yajalón buying stations in Chiapas. Chocolate, caramel, citrus fruits; bright acidity, good body.

Mexico Chiapas Topacio SHG EP: Another Chiapas jewel, from producers in Jaltenango and Villacorzo. Citrus fruits, tropical fruits, caramel, chocolate; bright acidity, good body.

Mexico MOCABE HG Organic: (movimiento campesino de bleisario) This Social Solidarity Society is focused on social and environmental impact. Caramel, chocolate, citrus; bright acidity, medium body.

Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry Plus: A premium blend from high-altitude estates in Southern Tanzania. Stone fruit, vanilla, caramel, green tea; juicy body, citric acidity.

COFFEES AFLOAT inbound now to Long Beach, Oakland:

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Mamo Kacha Select: A high-end version of the classic Yirgacheffe. Stone fruit, floral, brown sugar; bright, citric acidity, smooth body.

Honduras Coffee Kids Uniocafe: Each year this coffee gets more delicious. Chocolate, caramel stone fruit; bright acidity, velvety body.

Kenya Nguvu AA: (AA refers to bean size; larger than normal) A blend from smallholders’ coffee gardens in the Mrung’a region. Grapes, tropical, caramel; citric acidity, juicy body.

Malawi Pamwamba AAA Plus RFA: (large bean, rainforest alliance) From two estates that benefit from 3 local rivers and close environmental care. Floral, tropical fruit, chocolate; citric acidity, smooth body.

Zambia Kachipapa Farm: This 350-hectare, family-run farm aggressively contributes to its community. Berries, stone fruit, florals; citric acidity, juicy body.

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