Colombia ANEI Fairtrade (Organic Women in management)
Aurora Izquierdo left her indigenous community to pursue a higher education and then returned and formed the sustainable ANEI coffee association. Caramel, chocolate, florals, grape; smooth body, citric acidity.
Colombia Magdalena Select From 4,000+ smallholder producers in Huila, working with SKN agronomists.
Peach, floral, caramel; smooth body, tea-like, high sweetness.
Guatemala Santa Isabel Organic From a fourth-generation coffee family that practices biodynamic farming.
Chocolate, berries, stone fruit; malic acidity, smooth body.
Honduras CAUFUL Organic In La Paz, this older community is embracing Organic and engaging its youth.
Chocolate, herbal, tropical; citric acidity, smooth body.
Honduras COAGRICSAL Fairtrade Organic FTO coffee from 300 of the group’s 1,500 members in Santa Bárbara. Chocolate, tropical fruits; citric acidity, good body.
Honduras Gea SHG EP Organic Produced by more than 300 women in Lempira and Ocotepeque.
Caramel, milk chocolate, floral, citrus; creamy and balanced.
Indonesia Sumatra Kokowagayo FTO This women-owned and -managed co-op is 567 members and growing.
Milk chocolate, caramel, berries, nuts; balanced and creamy.
Mexico Chiapas Turquesa HG EP: From smallholders who deliver to the San Cristobal de las Casas and Yajalón buying stations in norther Chiapas. A smooth morning cup. Honey, grape, chocolate; winey acidity, good body.
Mexico FEDESI Fairtrade Organic: Representing six cooperatives in Escuintla, Huixtla, Motozintla and Siltepec. Chocolate, citrus, tropical; medium acidity, full body.
Peru COCLA Fairtrade Organic: Representing 21 small cooperatives, and so 3,500+ families, in Cusco, Peru. Dark chocolate, herbal, lemon; citric acidity, juicy body.
Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry Plus: A blend from high-altitude estates in southern Tanzania. Vanilla, green tea, floral, stone fruits; juicy body, citric acidity.

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