TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 5/9/24:

WIPEOUT COFFEE: Nicaragua, French (dark) roast, Guatemala huehuetenango,

CAFFE CALABRIA: Ethiopia, French roast, Sumatra and blended water process decaf.

SEVEN SEAS: Roaster’s Choice blend; Mexico Siltepec.

COFFEE & TEA COLLECTIVE: Kenya Karatu Peaberry, washed process, light roast. Available in 5 lb. bags. This is tempting.

MODERN TIMES: Ethiopia/Kenya “Secret Batch” isn’t a secret anymore. Washed process for both; light roast as usual and their seasonal summer blend.

A SHOUT OUT FOR SAIGON COFFEE, 3994 30th St., SD, 92104. They handle Robusta, the usual coffee enjoyed in SE Asia with special aplomb. This brew is sweetened for the average American taste bud. Well done phin service. Closes too early. 

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