TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 4/25/24:

STEADY STATE: Panama Jamillo Pacamara; this coffee is a rare bean and one that is unusually hard to cultivate, process and roast correctly. Pacamara varietal, natural process (thankfully, a natural process on this one) and light roast.  Brewed best with a V60 hario paper filter process (dead simple, here, folks) at 16:1 ratio or 17:1 ratio depending on what kind of taste notes one wants from the bean. 5lbs./$170 retail.

BIRD ROCK: Indonesia Earth Blend for April and the Surfrider Foundation; funds from the sale of this unique blend go toward beach cleanup in SD. Washed, wet hulled process, light roast.

ACENTO: Centroamerica and Africa El Idolo blend. Their house coffee. Sweet stuff indeed; light roast.

RYAN BROS.: Broadway Blues, Cowboy Coffee, San Diego Sunrise, Espresso Gold.


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