TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 4/5/24:

MODERN TIMES: Guatemala Atitlan single origin.

BIRD ROCK: Earth Blend; a cause coffee with proceeds going to the Surf Rider Foundation and beach cleanup.

COMMON GOOD: Mexico Chiapas El Mezcal small lot; Full City roast recommended for all brew types.

DAYMAR: Ethiopia Yrghacheffe; Mexico Altura; Kona Blend.

COFFEE ‘N TALK: Papua New Guinea; Mexico Chiapas dark roast; Espresso; Indonesia Full City roast; Guatemala.

FULL CITY is a term used to describe a level of roast among coffee beans. It is a medium-dark roast, with beans roasted long enough to hit their second crack in the roasting process, and usually appearing slightly dry, with few oil spots and almost no chaff. The hoped for result among Full City roast beans is to move the taste structure away from high notes, acidity and wine like taste to a richer, more developed and denser or even sweeter taste. As a very general rule, Centroamerican coffees tend to offer more taste variety at Full City roast profiles.

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