TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 1/23/24:

ELIXIR: Screaming Goat espresso.

WIPEOUT: Tuscan French Roast; Espresso dark roast; decaf dark.

ZUMBAR: Ethiopia Natural Jemjemo Wolde Hirbe. Such a mouthful!

MANZANITA: San Diego Cold Weather Blend, without a trace of irony at all, there….

VIGILANTE: Ecuador Alambi; Yemen Haraz, Jaadi varietal, dry process (no surprise there, either)-french press recommended with water at 205 degrees.

REVOLUTION: Papua New Guinea/Costa Rica Night Shift blend, washed process, PNG roasted dark (thankfully!) and the Costa Rica roasted light. This is an Italian style mixed roast, not as common in San Diego as it once was and should be.

APERTURE: Tanzania.

INFLECTION POINT: Kenya Peaberry Chinga Station; Colombia Excelso; Vietnam Lotus; Hawaii Ka’u Coffee Mill washed process extra fancy.

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