TODAY”S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 11/1/23:

CAFE MOTO: Super G, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bloom 630, Blue Sky, Filip Rally, Espresso Moto, Moto Brew and French roast. SD’s Flagship roaster.

THREE LEGS: Organic Sumatra, Organic Colombia, Dos Mujeres blend and Big Dude…whoever he may be. Great stuff there, every time.

TALITHA: Ignite organic dark roast….as if they ever answer their phones….

SEVEN SEAS: Colombia Luna Bermudez gesha varietal, experimental process, light roast and incredibly expensive.

APERTURE: Christmas blend dark roast.

STEADY STATE: Colombia single origin Jose Rojas, short anaerobic/natural process; Colombia La Macarena SL 28 varietal, recommended for pour over, light roast; Colombia Campo Hermosa, medium light roast, natural/honey process. Always imaginative, always innovative at Steady State, Carlsbad.


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