TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 10/16/23:

APERTURE: Golden Hour Blend in pour over drip bags. If you’re lazy, this is for you.

MODERN TIMES: Idea Machine medium roast, washed process. A melange of anonymous Latin American beans; El Salvador El Cascajal single origin, natural process; Cloud Ripper blend of Ethiopia, Mexico and Honduras. Washed and natural process. Kind of like an apple pie made from honey sweet, braeburn and granny smith apples. If you like contrast, this has your name on it.

LOFTY: Honduras El Abuelo Honey (process); Guatemala Finca Del Dios. Latin America today at Lofty; light to medium roasts. The Guat may light your fire or rip your tongue right off.

ACENTO: Mexico Chiapas Blue Skull semi washed process. Acento is known for its good taste in beans.

BIRD ROCK: Brazil Terra Alta Peaberry. Natural process, direct trade. This is likely to have a higher retained caffein level than many other coffees. Combined with the usual light roast profile favored by Birdy’s, this may prevent you from blinking for awhile after your first mug.

ELIXIR: Screaming Goat espresso. Some things never change. There is reason for that.

RYAN BROS.: Cowboy Coffee blend. Intense stuff; not for crybabies.

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