TODAY’s COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 9/1/23:

MODERN TIMES: El Salvador El Cascajal single origin; Burundi Migoti Hill bourbon barrel aged; Secret Beach Blend.

SEVEN SEAS: Colombia Huila Pink Borbon; Mexico Siltepec.

THREE LEGS: Pink Cloud Espresso.

VIGILANTE: Peru Wilder Facundo, Cajamarca, light roast, washed process, recommended for pour over, filter cup or french press only.

CAFE MOTO: Brazil Poco Fundo Fair Trade Organic natural; Guatemala Mujeras Santo Domingo FTO; Nicaragua Las Hermanas FTO; Blue Sky; Moto Brew; Indo Noir; Bravura Decaf FTO.

PARABOLA: Brazil Natural process light roast; Mexico Oaxaca; Ethiopia Natural process; Mexico/Guatemala Thrasher’s Roast–medium roast for wild palates. Profits to skateboard community.

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