TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 4/27/23:

INFLECTION POINT: Decaf Guatemala SWP ORGanic;  Nicaragua Finca Verona Rain Forest Alliance: Lilo & Stitch Blend (Kona Blend); Kenya Chinga Peaberry; Ethiopia Limmu G1 ORGanic Rain Forest Alliance.

ACENTO: Sumatra highland.

HOUSE OF BLACK: Nicaragua single origin; Guatemala Atitlan; San Diego Blend.

MODERN TIMES: Ethiopia Kayon Mountain; Guatemala Finca la Montanita. Guatemala bourbon barrel aged blue Ayarza.

DAYMAR: Turkish dark roast.

ENNE; Kona, French, Classic and Breakfast blends.

BAREFOOT: Colombia Popayan; Mexico Chiapas; Colombia Finca Palmichal.

STEADY STATE: Colombian Buena Vista Pink Bourbon; Colombia La Cruz Caturra; Way Out blend; La Pradera Castillo; Peru Cajamarca Huabal. http://steadystateroasting,com


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