TODAY’s COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 1/17/23:

CAFE MOTO: Super G; Espresso Moto, Indo Noir, Moto Brew, Mexico and Nicaragua.

INFLECTION POINT: Jamaica Blue Mountain (!); Decaf Org Guatemala SWP; Kenya Rukira AA; Vietnam Lotus;  Colombia La Pradera RFA ORG Bird-Friendly;  Nicaragua Finca Verona RFA. http://inflectionpoint-coffee

TORQUE: Guatemala El Socorro honey process.

COFFEE ‘N TALK: Papua New Guinea; El Salvador; Ethiopia and Brazil.

CYCLEWRITER3ESPRESSO: French Roast; Ethiopia.

CAFE VIRTUOSO: Ethiopia Gatame Muka Guji Shukiso light roast.

ACENTO: Mexico Puebla Patlanalan.


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