TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 11/21/22:

JAMES: Holiday Blend; Decaf Nation; Night Owl and Shop Blend.

JAUNT: Colombia la Graciela; Ethiopia Yrghacheffe; Kenya; Murphinator Blend.

JUST COLOMBIAN COFFEE: Colombian (what else?) from the Tolima, Boyaca, Caldas and Huila regions.

MODERN TIMES: East Timor; Bourbon Barrel Aged Rwanda.

ANNAMON: Golden Crema House Espresso.

CHINGATE UN CAFE: Mexico Chiapas El Buenazo.

CHEAP COFFEE COMPANY: Guatemala; Timor single origin. All coffees fair trade organic.

BETTER BUZZ: Holiday Blend.

BIRD ROCK: Colombia El Porvenir Tabi; Colombia Little Blue Penguin; Peru Chirinos; Sumatra Boru Batak.



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