TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 11/14/22:

JAMES: Holiday and White Owl blends; Mexico Chiapas.

KEEN VIBE: Papua New Guinea; Ethiopia Natural.

BIRD ROCK: Nice light roast; Naughty dark roast; holiday blends. Ecuador Papaya Perci; Panama Typica.

VIGILANTE: Colombia Caturra experimental process peach maceration; (coffee processed with peach).

SD COFFEE ROASTERS: Breakfast blend; Signature blend; decaff; French roast; Honduras single origin; Mexico Chiapas single origin; Kenya single origin; Colombia single origin; Colombia Finca el Camillo microlot; Colombia Finca la Qrquieda; Guatemala single origin; Espresso.

HONORABLE MENTION: Received a sample from Oakland’s Mother Tongue Coffee “Bittersweet” blend. Excellent stuff.


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