TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 7/11/22:

BIRD ROCK: Tanzania Iloma AA.

JAMES COFFEE CO.: Peter McKinnon rum barrel aged.

ANNAMON: Golden Crema house espresso; Swiss decaf house espresso.

APERTURE: Golden Hour espresso.

CITRUS ARROW: Tanzania. Whiskey Helps blend.

DAILY GRINDS: 10-8 blend; The Local blend.

JUST COLOMBIAN COFFEE: Boyaca; Tolima Colombian coffees.

MEMLI COFFEE LAB: Peruvian washed process; Guatemalan natural process. light to medium roasts.

POUR BOY: Oaxaca;

PUMP COFFEE: Espresso.

PINE VALLEY COFFEE CO.: Sunrise Highway.

MANZANITA: Chino Nojo dark roast.

SAN DIEGO COFFEE ROASTERS: Organic Honduran, Espresso, Pumpkin spice.


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