TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 3/18/22:

INFLECTION POINT: Sumatra Raja Batak Peaberry; Kenya Karindundu AA; Vietnam Lotus;  Bali Blue Moon RFA (Rainforest Alliance) ORG(anic); Decaf Mexico ORG; Hawaii Kona Kulana Farms.

BIRD ROCK: Sumatra Boru Batak woman-owned finca.

MOSTRA: Ethiopian anerobic honeyed Sidamo.

STORYMAKERS: Nicaraguan Bryon Corallis.

STEADY STATE: COLOMBIANS: Indestec, Paraiso Castillo, Magdalena, Inzo Decaf; PANAMA: Reina Geisha, Reina Pacamara, Creatin Agustin Gomez; BRAZIL: Tres Barras; ETHIOPIA: Gore Koneh, Adanech; EL SALVADOR: Loma la Gloria; Daybreak, Space Traveler and Baker Blends. The whole shebang!


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