COFFEES AT U.S. PORTS in November, 2021:

Colombia Finca Palmichal
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G2
Guatemala Anacafe SHB EP 14
Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling G1 TP
Peru Juan Santos Atahualpa Organic
Papua New Guinea Arokara
Papua New Guinea Mile High

COFFEES AFLOAT, inbound to U.S. ports in November, 2021:

Colombia El Bombo Organic
Ethiopia Masha Natural G1 RFA Organic
Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling G1 TP From the women-owned and -run Kokowagayo cooperative
Mexico CIRSA Fairtrade Organic
Mexico UniĆ³n Ramal Santa Cruz Fairtrade Organic
Papua New Guinea Limited-Edition Coffees: Kerepo, Korak Hasukave, Neama & Pataro Gasaki


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