TODAY’S COFFEES/Coffees afloat/inbound to US ports in May. Look for them at your roaster’s soon:
MAY ARRIVALS Inbound to NY, NJ, Charleston:
Colombia Finca Palmichal: smooth body, citric acidity.
Colombia Tolima Organic: creamy body, bright acidity.
Honduras Coffee Kids UNIOCAFE: velvety body, bright acidity.
India Monsooned Malabar AA: medium acidity, spicy, earthy.
Indonesia Mandheling Menagold: earthy, sweet, smooth body, bright acidity.
Indonesia Sumatra Lintong G1 TP: syrupy body, tart acidity.
Kenya Nguvu AA: citric acidity, juicy body.
WEST COAST ARRIVALS inbound to Oakland, Long Beach :
Costa Rica Tarrazú Don Roberto: smooth body, citric acidity.
El Salvador Chantuc Farm SHG Plus
Guatemala FECCEG Fairtrade Organic: citric acidity, smooth body.
Guatemala La Voz Atitlan Organic: creamy body, bright acidity.
Indonesia Sumatra Organic G1 TP: velvety body, bright acidity.
Mexico Chiapas Turquesa HG EP :good body, winey acidity.

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