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Coffee house public are single, sophisticated, affluent early buyers who stay loyal to favored businesses. Green, single, sophisticated, affluent early buyers of new, different technologies and consumer goods, cafe society is aggressive in consumer goals, making them a desirable market share. Even the New York Times thinks cafe society is hot – their deal with Starbucks boosted national circulation four-fold in two years.

Imagine a place that is comfortable, cozy and friendly. People from many different walks of life meet and chat, share ideas, read, write, listen to live music, debate, plan vacations, business ventures and their futures while eating light refreshments and drinking excellent coffee and tea. This is the modern coffeehouse; its patrons are cafe society.

Coffee houses are a rising cultural addition that have taken San Diego and the rest of the country by storm, and where the best traditions of the old-fashioned neighborhood bar (where everyone knows your name) are available to the public in coffeehouses – without the social problems.


  • Has a large single element
  • Is green-friendly
  • Enjoys high levels of disposable income
  • Are early buyers of new products
  • Are loyal customers to favored business
  • Are adventurous consumers of the uncommon
  • Are aesthetically minded
  • Quickly spread word-of-mouth in a conversation-friendly
  • ESPRESSO reader surveys 1992-current

For over a decade, ESPRESSO has offered cafe society news and information from around the world to thousands of people in hundreds of coffeehouses – and other locations – throughout San Diego. Our readers’ surveys have consistently shown cafe society to be an engaging, dynamic public whose market characteristics make them a highly desirable clientele for your business.

ESPRESSO’s readers’ surveys, taken over the past ten years, show an average reader 29 years of age, likely single, with at least one degree, making significantly more than $50,000 per year, who prefers Italian, Thai, or Japanese food, and wine or beer to go with it; who is an avid, regular traveler for business and pleasure, attends theater, concerts and shows of all kinds, uses alternative health care, is a voracious reader of books and periodicals, buys clothes in malls, vintage and antique/thrift-stores, may enjoy a smoke (possibly in the same day he works out at a gym) and drives at least five miles to work each day, likely in a collectible car, bike, or motorcycle. Chances are even that he is likely to be a she as well. Our reader may have more than one job, and is likely to be working toward a second career. Many show a strong social sense and volunteer time and effort in worthy causes. Many have hobbies that require a significant outlay of disposable income to support. All of them spend a significant part of their income on what makes them feel good, and taking care of themselves may mean a night of theater and dinner with friends, a trip abroad, a new surfboard, custom bike or a health club membership.

Cafe society greatly values personal service and one-on-one interaction when it comes to where they shop. They prefer to find their essentials not only in malls, but in small shops and other places where they can create rapport with – and be served well by – business owners. Though price and convenience are important to everyone, to cafe society, quality and service matter even more. As the coffeehouses have discovered, it’s service that sets the house apart from the rest, and brings in a loyal clientele. This means that cafe society is a regular client waiting to be discovered – and if your business prides itself on service, quality and excellence at every level, then cafe society is your natural market share.

How to Advertise Your Business

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Individually, cafe society sees itself as far different from the “just average” and their buying decisions mirror this belief. Beside a taste for fine coffee and food, they commonly display unique elements sought out for their personal satisfaction – which means that businesses offering unique, uncommon, hard-to-find or rare items need to find cafe society.

An adventurous crowd, cafe society is also an early buyer of new technologies, goods and services. Part of the enjoyment of a broad palate of tastes and experiences is had by being ahead of style; this puts them first in line for the new and different, the distinct from the common, making them a valuable target market for businesses trying to break the ice of entering the marketplace with new products.

Cafe society is also the driving engine of vast changes in the way the coffee trade works. Specialty coffee is what coffeehouses sell; eco-friendly, organic coffees are the fastest-rising market in that trade. The explosive growth of eco-friendly coffee is fueled by the buying patterns of cafe society who are willing to pay top dollar for a commodity that they believe has a positive effect on the planet. Already, that is changing the face of the specialty coffee trade, which, after oil, is the most traded commodity on earth. San Diego’s coffee trade has championed eco-friendly coffee since it began in response to the demand of cafe society. That says a lot about their buying power.

Every business seeks to build its reputation through word-of-mouth referral, so it makes sense to attract a clientele that thrives on conversation – in coffeehouses. By attracting and taking care of them, your business will rapidly benefit from happy customers quickly spreading the word about you, making your word-of-mouth more effective in less time. Cafe society are people from every age, walk of life and station whose common tastes unite them into a diverse demographic looking for distinction, aesthetics, indulgence, and a pleasant personal exchange in their commercial dealings. Translated into economic terms, this means that they are buyers who prefer fine and unusual products along with great service – which they repay with repeat business and excellent word-of-mouth publicity in places where conversation is nonstop.

The ESPRESSO readers are sophisticated, involved, innovative people interested in trying new things who see themselves as different from the “just average” – and they buy accordingly. They make wonderful customers and your business would be fortunate to have their patronage, as ours is.

Espresso’s Delivery Service

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Espresso Advertising Dimensions and Rates

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Column inches per ad size:
Double truck: 301 column.ins
Full page: 150.5 column.ins
1/2 page: 75.25 column.ins
1/4 page: 37.5 column.ins
1/6 page: 25 column.ins
1/8 page: 18.7 column.ins
1/9 page: 16.7 column.ins
1/16 page: 9.3 column.ins
1/32 page: 4.7 column.ins
1/64 page: 2.3 column.ins


1/64th page dimensions:
2.5″ x 2″
$32.75 per insertion: sold on year contracts only.

1/32nd page dimensions:
2.5″ x 4″

(one column, 4 inches)
$67 per insertion; one of our most popular sizes, sold on year contracts only.

1/16th page dimensions:
5″ x 4″(two columns, 4 inches)

Once: $186
3x – $172
6x – $144.20
12x – $132.52Prices per insertion

1/9th page dimensions:
5″ x 6″
(two columns, 6 inches)Once: $334
3x – $309
6x – $259
12x – $237.97

Prices per insertion.
This is a standard size for many other magazine formats.

1/8th page dimensions:
5″ x 7.5″(two columns x 7.5 inches or three columns x 5 inches)Once: $374

3x – $346

6x – $290

12x – $266.47

Prices per insertion.

This is the smallest size that can dominate a page.

This ad can be turned lengthwise.

1/6th page dimensions:
7.5″ x 8″

(three columns x 8 inches)

Once: $500

3x – $462.50

6x – $387.50

12x – $356.25

Prices per insertion

Use this when you want some extra attention – and an excellent value.

1/4 page dimensions:
7.5″ x 10.5″

(three columns x 10.5 inches)

Once: $750

3x – $693.75

6x – $581.25

12x – $534.37

Prices per insertion

This is the full page size of most other magazines.

1/2 page dimensions:

15.75″ x 10.5″

Once: $1505

3x – $1392

6x – $1166

12x – $1072.31

Prices per insertion

Full page dimensions:
15.75″ x 21.5″

Once: $3006

3x – $2780

6x – $2330

12x – $2144.62

Prices per insertion

One Column Inch

150.5 column inches per page

Column inch rates:

$20/col. in – 1x

$18.50/col. in. – 3x

(each insertion)

$15.50/col. in. – 3x

(each insertion)

$14.25/col. in. – 12x

(each insertion)

Classified Ad Space:

ESPRESSO offers classifieds in a variety of styles. Items for sale, items wanted, services offered, personal, coffee trade, food trade, special events and the great miscellaneous are $.50 per word, per monthly insertion.

Remainder Space:

Popular with many businesses, the remainder space contract offers a novel approach to maximizing ad dollar effectiveness.

There is always a bit of column left over in a page and remainder spaces can offer your business a low-cost, simple and effective way to reach your public by catching their attention at the end of the story. These are available in 1/2 column inch increments and take the format of a display classified ad built to suit each
available remainder space. All other ad terms apply.

Minimum ad contract: 25 inches per year at $20/inch, paid quarterly, in advance. ($125 quarterly; $500 per year.)

Information for ad agencies

Printed/circulated:36000 monthly.

Content: Local, regional, national and international news. Commentary on notable ideas, people and events. Media analysis, human interest, food and drink, health, fitness, humor, travel, horoscope, comics, lifestyle features regularly. Also, book, arts and film review section (The Espresso Coffeehouse Review of Books) and coffee/cafe trade section (Cafe Scene).

Composition: Copy: 60%+. Ads: > 40%.

Distribution: 2000 plus total locations in San Diego County, as well as more than 350+ independent coffeehouses. Other locations include, (not limited to): bakeries, bookstores, clothiers, colleges,
cybercafes, galleries, hair salons, health clubs, hotels, juice bars, office buildings, nightclubs, record stores, restaurants, theaters, tobacco stores and cafes, video stores, vintage and resale outlets, wine bars, and any place where San Diego’s cafe society is to be found.

Inserts: $50 per thousand, 4000 minimum.

Direct Delivery: $1.50 per drop for current number of coffeehouses and bookstores on ESPRESSO’s drop list. Specific county areas can be selected.

Color: $100 per color additional over space costs: non-commissionable.

Ad dimensions:Sizes list absolute measurements at full bleed.

Agency fees: 15% of rate card. Rates are gross rates. Fees paid to recognized agencies.

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