TODAY’S COFFEES roasted in San Diego on 5/6/24:

COFFEE & TEA COLLECTIVE: Kenya Karatu Peaberry, SL28, SL34 varietals, washed process, light roast. “Kenya Peaberry” lights up our senses; they say they roast on Tuesday but they looked like they were at it this morning…

MODERN TIMES: Ethiopia Sidamo, bourbon barrel aged, natural process, light roast. Mexico Chiapas Ramal Santa Cruz single origin fairtrade organic, washed process. A prince of a coffee; light roast as usual there.

THREE LEGS: Dos Mujeres blend.

ELIXIR: Screaming Goat espresso.

VIGILANTE: Ethiopia Nanji Estates, Ethiopia Landraces varietal, washed process, Full City roast (medium dark)
MEMLI COFFEE LAB: Bolivia San Lorenzo, Red Catuai varietal, natural process–shaded, slow dried, filter and espresso process recommended for this coffee.


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