Daniels Awaits Sentence in Molestation Case: Faces Decades Behind Bars for Assaults on Daughter

MARK JAMISON DANIELS was found guilty on 12 counts of sexual abuse and molestation against his eldest daughter in Superior Court in East County on September 15. The jury in the case deliberated less than nine hours before finding Daniels guilty as charged on all 12 counts.

The conclusion of the trial brings to an end the trauma experienced by Daniels’s eldest daughter, Elysee, now 23, whose life was forever altered by her father’s crimes, beginning when she was in pre-school and continuing through her teen years. Though sexual terror against Elysee Daniels has ceased, the young woman faces years of long and arduous recovery from physical and other grave injuries inflicted by her father.

Though Daniels faces a maximum sentence of 144 years in prison; court watchers speaking anonymously now predict he may likely face only 17 to 20 years behind bars; somewhat of a sentencing norm for San Diego County jurisdictions. Sentencing for Mark Jamison Daniels is scheduled for October 17, in the same court in which he was convicted.

ESPRESSO will update this story with details of sentencing on October 17.

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