HERITAGE FAMILY FARMS heritagefamyfarms1.com is a great reference and
guide to pre-order *Eggs, jams and dates also available when you
pre-order* Saturday 02/06/2021: Little Italy Mercato- 8am-2pm, Enter
block at Kettner Blvd.   Poway Farmers Market, 8am-1pm Juicy sweet
Valencia oranges- (7lbs) $5/bag   Sweet Seedless Navel oranges- (7lbs)
$5/bag   Ruby red grapefruit-(7lbs)   $5/bag Blood oranges- (4lbs) $4/bag
Oroblanco sweet grapefruit- (5lbs) $4/bag    *Both $4 bags can be mixed
and matched @ 2 bags/$7 Meyer lemons    Eureka lemons and limes
@$2/basket Golden Nugget tangerines, Guavas, kumquats @$3 / basket or
mix and match @2 baskets – $5 Beefsteak tomatoes – $4/lbs. Hass, Bacon,
& Fuerte avocado @ 2, 3, or 4 $5 (depending on size) Cherimoya –
$6.99/lbs Fresh Guacamole – (8oz) $6 each or two for $10 Freshly
Squeezed juices & lemonade 16 oz – $4 each or two for $7 (mix and
match) 32 oz – $6 each 16 oz – seasonal fruit juices are $5-$6 each,
depending on fruit

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